Writing and Editing

Get superior content solutions, detailed editing, and sympathetic customer support - it doesn't matter if your project is a one-page cover letter, a medium sized e-commerce website, or a massive, Herman Melville-esque manuscript. 

• We have you coveredOur content creation services range from in-depth content analysis to basic copyediting and everything in between.

• Find your best voice - Our light-yet-thorough approach to editing is designed to help writers without forcing an unnatural tone or style into their work or brand.

 Deadline guaranteed - We understand the need for efficient and accurate work under the pressure of a strict deadline.


line-editing-ldm-1We address your writing style and language use, line by line, at the sentence and paragraph level. We focus on how your language is used to communicate your story or message, making sure it’s clear, fluid, and pleasant to read without tired cliches or unclear transitioning.

Line editing addresses;

• Overused or extraneous words
• run-on sentences
• Areas that could be tightened
• Redundant information
• Confusing scenes
• Narrative digressions
• Shifts in tone / bad phrasing
• Areas that need clarification

The goal with line editing isn’t just to improve your manuscript but also to give you the creative tools needed to become a better writer overall.



copyeditingWith copyediting, our goal is to address the technical flaws of your writing and make sure it’s in accordance with basic industry standards.

Copyediting addresses;

• Spelling, syntax, punctuation, and grammar mistakes.
• Inconsistencies in spelling, numerals, fonts, hyphenation, and capitalization.
• Incorrect or ambiguous statements or facts
• Inconsistencies in setting, plot, character facts & traits


We offer quality, custom copywriting services for start-ups, non-profit organizations, marketers, PR teams, and businesses of all sizes.

Examples include, but aren’t limited to;

• SEO & informational articles
• Blog Content
• Press Releases
• White papers
• Social media posts
• Website content
• Case studies
• Newsletters

Our copywriting solutions are guaranteed unique  and plagiarism-free content written by native English speakers and our clients own 100% the rights to the co


You don’t have to be Paris Hilton to hire a ghostwriter. Many of our clients come to us with an an idea, message or story they want to share but they lack the time, or expertise needed to write an article, full-length manuscript, or blog posting.

If this sounds like you, we offer the following ghostwriting services;

• A Confidential consultation
• Fiction and nonfiction writing
• Non-disclosure agreements
• Full-length manuscript writing
• Article writing
• Blog post writing