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Website & Brand Content Creation

Great branding starts with great content. A great brand, product, or service coupled with effective content is an unstoppable combination in this age of technology and information. Locke Digital Media clients get the competitive edge because we offer only the most engaging website content possible, including copywriting, copy editing, SEO, custom videos, blogs, white papers, and more. 

Dependable Cloud Hosting Solutions

Locke Digital is excited to announce that we will soon offer affordable, dependable web hosting and cloud hosting solutions for both enterprise level business and personal use thanks to our recent partnership with Internet service provider Black Mesa Communications. 


Smart Website Design

A well-designed website will be the most powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal. The quality of your site can make or break a business regardless of your industry or the products you sell. We start every web design project with in-depth research - verifying target market insights, surveying current site users, and analyzing branding, UX, layout, SEO status, and readability. This valuable data helps us develop effective strategies for increasing traffic, sales, and revenue.

Brand Management

Effective branding starts research. For each new project, we do a thorough analysis of your business,  industry, and competition. We get to know who your rivals are and where your industry is headed so we can better understand your unique needs so we can deliver a killer brand strategy that will make your business shine.

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User-Friendly WordPress Services

WordPress is one of our favorite tools for website development projects, regardless of the size or scope. Our custom WordPress tools and services offer superior design while still keeping things understandable and user-friendly on the backend. Why? Because we feel you shouldn't have to open your wallet everytime you need to update your website.